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Statement regarding Countryfile, BBC1, Sunday 17 January 2016

18 Jan 2016

Every year The British Horse Society visits thousands of horses in distress in the UK to get them the help they need.
Along with our partner charities we successfully campaigned for The Control of Horses Act.
It is critical to help change the behaviour, through education, of people who do not look after their horses properly - legislation will not solve the whole problem.
Decades of indiscriminate and unchecked breeding have led to a surplus of horses in this country.
We must reduce the number of horses we breed and that is why The British Horse Society is committed to a nationwide campaign of castration clinics.
So far we have castrated hundreds of stallions and prevented the birth of thousands of foals being born.
Our essential welfare and education work continues and working with other animal charities we are committed to ending the unnecessary suffering of horses in the UK.
If you have personally seen a horse(s) that you are concerned about, please contact the Welfare team on 02476 840517 or email

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