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Are you a riding school or livery yard proprietor?

7 June 2016

The British Horse Society has been made aware, over a number of years, of the discrepancies which exist between riding centres when it comes to the issue of Business Rates. Both riding schools and livery yards regularly report that the VOA will apply a different value to one property compared with a very similar property in the same geographical location. 

There are also anomalies which occur when applying business rates to land based colleges and also livery yards set up as a farm diversification enterprise. The BHS is working on your behalf to be Your Voice and to raise these concerns with government.

The Government has launched a consultation entitled Business Rates: Delivering More Frequent Valuations. The Government is seeking to gauge the public’s views on its proposed changes to the way business rates are valued in order to make the business rates system more responsive and deliver more frequent valuations

We will be responding to this consultation on behalf of our members. To do this, we would very much appreciate your views on the Government’s proposals on business rates valuations.

The Government has proposed options for delivering more frequent business rates valuations:

Valuations Office Agency Delivering More Frequent Valuations

The Valuations Office Agency (VOA) would conduct assessments on a more frequent basis.

A Self-Assessment Model

A self-assessment model would operate in a similar way to the model run by HM Revenue & Customs. Ratepayers would undertake the valuation of the property and submit the information via a modern, digital and secure account.

A Formula Model

A formula would be centred on the measurement of, for example, shops, offices and factories. As an example, shops of the same size in the same local authority could have the same assessment irrespective of their shape, layout and specific location.

These models are up for discussion – and this is where we would appreciate your help.

Share your thoughts and be entered into a prize draw!

We have put together a short survey to ask you about business rates and outlining the options that the Government have put forward. Within the survey you will find more information about how these proposed models would work.

The information you provide will be very valuable in informing our engagement with the Government through this consultation, and help us to represent your voice.

Please take 10 minutes to fill out this survey and you will be in with a chance of winning five BHS-branded polo shirts for your centre. The shirts will also be branded with your centre's logo and will come in a colour of your choice.

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