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Our Objectives & Our Mission

Our primary objectives, as published in the Constitution, are:

  • To promote and advance the education, training and safety of the public in all matters relating to the horse
  • To promote the use, breeding, well-being, safety, environment, health and management of the horse for the public benefit
  • To promote community participation in healthy recreation involving the horse
  • To promote and facilitate the prevention of cruelty, neglect or harm to horses and to promote the relief, safety, sanctuary, rescue and welfare of horses in need of care, attention and assistance
  • To promote and secure the provision, protection and preservation of rights of way and of access for ridden and driven horses over public roads, highways, footpaths, bridleways, carriageways, public paths and other land.

Our vision

Every horse is respected, protected and enjoyed by knowledgeable, caring people.

Our mission

We are the charity dedicated to knowledge, encouraging people and horses to enjoy life together.

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Our Charitable Work

 welfare and care work

 safety and accidents work

 access and bridleways work


We work on behalf of all horses in the UK to protect and promote their interests.

Help us to continue our vital work to build a better life for horses, riders and all who care for them.

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