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Our Corporate Information

The British Horse Society is governed by its Constitution and by other statutory and common law duties. Under the provisions of the Constitution, the Board of Trustees is legally responsible for every decision relating to the affairs of The British Horse Society, although it has the power to delegate some of its responsibilities,

The primary purpose of national, regional and county committees is to deliver the objectives of The British Horse Society at a local level and to provide a link between members around the country and The British Horse Society Headquarters.

The primary purpose of advisory committees is to provide advice to the Board, although they also have an important role in ensuring that The British Horse Society's policies are adapted to changing circumstances and are consistently applied.

The operational framework and byelaws set out how committees are made up and how they should operate. There is an operational framework for national, regional and local committees and separate terms of reference for advisory committees. The operational framework was launched in March 2012 and replaces the previous byelaws for national, regional and county committees.

Download our Constitution.

Annual Reports and Accounts

For 2020, we have two documents available, our formal Annual Report and Accounts 2020, the document which is submitted to the Charity Commission, and our new Riding by Your Side 2020 publication, an overview of the year’s activity aimed at all our supporters and members.


annual report 1 

annual report 2 

annual report 3


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