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BHS Generalist Trustee Candidates

BHS Generalist Trustee Candidate: Tim Lord

  • My background (35+ years) is in brand marketing through to CEO roles in major companies. This gives me the experience of building brands, achieving focus and developing businesses strategies to achieve long term goals. I have strong international experience.
  • I have worked both in the voluntary sector (political) and have experience of fundraising and lobbying, so have an understanding of how to approach legislators
  • I own a riding school / livery yard with my wife. She delivers the equestrian knowledge and I add the business experience. The business is successful, profitable, changing and growing.

I am applying for the "Generalist" trustee role. To this end, I believe my background makes me a good fit for what is required.

I own a riding school and livery yard so I am aware of the business issues that affect the industry. These issues change all the time. Many are in the control of a business, some are external, “bigger” than a business e.g. the recent changes in business rates. There is a lot that a body that represents the industry can do. I see the BHS as that body and would like to work with it to promote its role and develop the BHS’s proactivity in equestrian issues. To help it become the "go to" organisation for equestrian issues and to enable it to add value to its members. This is one of the reasons why I am on the Approved Centre Committee – which I currently chair.

Legislation, whether it be taxes, licensing or regulation is increasingly impacting all elements of the equestrian world whether it be business profitability, horse welfare or simply managing the paperwork increasingly needed to be compliant (bureaucracy). It is therefore valuable to the industry that its voice is heard by the legislators early enough to have an impact. This is an area I believe I can add value in.

The BHS is a large organisation, with many aspects and numerous strategies. It is important that it has a clear understanding (vision) of what it wants to be and how (strategies) it needs to deliver that vision. Inevitably, with limited resources, you cannot do everything so having a clear focus on priorities of what should be done, and in turn what should not be done, will improve the effectiveness of the organisation. I believe my background would help me add value here.

The BHS is respected not only in the UK but abroad also. Having a clear view on what the BHS international role should be is critical. Having worked in over 30 countries and lived in 7 in Europe, the USA and Latin America I believe I can add value.

I fully understand that the role is non-executive and that the key is working with the executive staff to achieve goals. It is also the role of the trustees to ensure that the organisation is appropriately staffed, resourced and organised to achieve its goals. My non- executive experience gives me the working knowledge of how to operate in a non-exec environment.

The BHS is a charity and member organisation. Over and above welfare issues it exists to add value to its members. This should be clear in the strategies and should be measured, an area I could contribute to.

BHS Generalist Trustee Candidate: Fran Mason

  • VOLUNTEER with the Society for 8 years since 2011, Secretary to the NE Yorkshire Committee then ABO for Ryedale. Horse rider since 2006. Riding and Road Safety Trainer, first aid at work certificate, Horse Owner's Certificate Level 1-4. Stage 1 training completed ready for examination. Fundraising since 2014 for local charity connected to horse riding.
  • QUALIFIED as a solicitor for many years - now retired, remaining on the Roll. Used my qualification after retirement for the benefit of Citizens' Advice Bureau locally 2003 - 2012 in a paid post for 3 years and as a volunteer. I have a well developed sense of justice and fair play.
  • COMPLETED Levels 1 - 4 Rights of Way with Public Enquiry training. I attend North Yorkshire County Council LLG meetings 6 monthly and am member of Ryedale Bridleways Group affiliated to BHS. Completed alternative dispute resolution course by distance learning.

I am first and foremost a grass roots member of the BHS, passionately devoted to its core aims. In my professional life as a Solicitor and holder of Judicial Office I have learned to become a skilled advocate who can familiarise herself with and master a complex brief in a short space of time. I have also learned many so called "soft skills" such as being able to communicate in a meaningful and sensitive way with people from all walks of life, any part of the world and all points of view. Having been secretary to a number of committees, including BHS for my area, I am able to keep accurate records efficiently and keep important matters on track. I believe sincerely in maintaining high standards of ethics and integrity and have lived by those standards all my life.

I ride at a yard where I see people of all ages and capabilities taking lessons and competing and without exception, whether pony club youngsters or RDA adults or fellow riders, everyone is supportive and encouraging, respectful of each other and collegiate. I hope to bring those values and that atmosphere to my work on the trustee board. Good communication with the members is vitally important, as is keeping them informed of the general policies of the BHS, and taking advantage of their experience and expertise. I also favour trying to ensure that all our volunteers feel really appreciated, that all their skills are used to the benefit of the Society but also that they feel free to speak out if they have concerns and those concerns will be attended to.

I have participated in any activities at our yard that promote the welfare of the horses and teach stable management. Safety is a high priority and I was a road safety trainer for several years. I have recently obtained an HSE Compliant Emergency First Aid at work certificate. Several riders have started a small charity which aims to improve facilities at the yard for all our riders but particularly our RDA participants and aims to encourage people of all ages and conditions to take up or to come back to horse riding for all the well-known health benefits, mental and physical. In addition to my regular hacking out and lessons, I take occasion to inspect as many of our local bridleways as I can, secateurs in hand, and help to keep them freely useable. I receive reports of problems and I solve them myself where I can. Where I cannot, I liaise with the North Yorkshire County Council and the National Parks authority in helping to maintain in good condition the bridleways we have, as well as carrying out research into any lost ways that should be on the Definitive Map. With local groups, the BHS and the Council we recently reopened Cowl Dyke Wath, an ancient ford that had been out of use for over 20 years and is a valuable link to many other bridleways in the area.

BHS Generalist Trustee Candidate: Sally McCarthy

  • I have extensive business/fundraising skills, having raised £2 million to build an equestrian centre in 2017 which included a successful large grant application. I am knowledgeable in all areas of staff management and was voted “Business Personality of the Year, Aberdeen” 2017.
  • I have created, manage and coach at a not for profit riding school and livery yard which has shown remarkable growth over the last fifteen years. I have extensive experience of being a member of a board team and a good understanding of the role of a trustee, whilst also understanding the importance of communication with stakeholders.
  • I have good knowledge of employment law and have successfully lobbied for full rates relief for my centre and written a successful justification report for local authority (planning) to detail why equestrian facilities should be permitted to build on greenbelt land in the future if required due to city development.

The BHS has helped to shape my career over the last twenty years with qualifications and professional development and I feel that I now have a good range of skillsets to give something back to the charity. I was brought up in a low income family, so couldn’t afford to ride until I was fourteen and got a part time job, which perhaps explains why I believe so passionately that our sport should be as accessible as possible and why my career has taken the relatively unusual path of creating Aberdeen Riding Club, a not for profit riding school and livery yard and using profit from standard lesson sales to fund riding for those who may not be able to afford it or access it. To me, being a BHS trustee is another good way to ensure accessibility to our sport and to ensure high welfare standards for the amazing animals we get to spend time with.

I have previously sat on local BHS committees to volunteer my time and I provide my centre (free of charge) for educational days or talks to the BHS, so becoming a trustee seems a logical further step in helping this charity and I believe my skill sets are required by the BHS at this point in it’s development.

For me personally I would relish the opportunity for my own development to be a member of the board team and work with and learn from other board members with a variety of skill sets. A strong board is vital to the BHS at this point and I am a good team player.

I feel that the BHS has had a very successful period, but it is currently at a stage where its members wish for better communication and trust in the board. This is not a BHS specific problem, but one almost created by social media and our demand for instantaneous information. I would relish the opportunity to be able to assist improving these communication routes and would work hard to give members trust and confidence in the board that I sat on. I am renowned in my industry for being honest and trustworthy and being able to communicate well both in person and online and I would relish the chance to use some of these skills on the board of trustees. I feel that the time is right now to put myself forward having completed a big project in my day job which means I now have more spare time to volunteer.

BHS Generalist Trustee Candidate: Anita Quigley

I have been around horses for most of my life but I was not lucky enough to work with them professionally. Now I have the opportunity to use the knowledge and skills I have acquired in my business career to support a cause that I love and to make a significant difference to the health and wellbeing of horses in the UK.

I am currently a BHS Access & Bridleways Officer for North Lincolnshire and a Home Visitor for the Blue Cross Horse Welfare Team. I have 5 horses of my own; including a retired racehorse rehomed by World Horse Welfare under the RoR scheme.

I have worked with charities for 12 years.  I am an experienced fund raiser, and have secured £5 million for the Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust of which I am a Trustee.  I am also a Trustee for a fundraising charity that supports conservation and wildlife habitat in Africa.

I have learnt so much in this time and have a good understanding of how charities work and the challenges that face them. I want to use these skills in a different cause and work with other people, from a variety of different backgrounds, who are also passionate about improving the lives of horses.

At a personal level, I feel that the experience of being a trustee with the BHS will complement my experience with the two Wildlife Trusts. There is a natural synergy between the BHS and the charities that work to conserve our natural environment. We are all working towards a common aim – to preserve our countryside and improve our enjoyment of it. With our exit from the EU, I would like to see us working together to press the Government to introduce new environment legislation that, as well as protecting our countryside, encourages and incentivises farmers and landowners to provide new bridleways and trails, providing safe, off-road riding for adults and children, riders and carriage drivers.

We are all aware of the most obvious welfare issues - horses and ponies abandoned and neglected - but there are other problems that are not so visible. I would like to support the BHS in tackling major ‘silent’ welfare issues and abusive training practices that happen in all the equestrian disciplines.

Finally, I want to become a trustee to try and ensure that all regions are equally represented in any national strategies and campaigns. Each region has its own set of challenges for horse owners and horse welfare.  For instance, my region, Lincolnshire and the East Midlands, and especially Lincolnshire, has high levels of rural poverty and deprivation; isolated communities; intensely farmed countryside; lack of facilities; poor major road networks but conversely, some of the highest road accident statistics in the UK.  I want to help shape a strategy for the UK that recognises these regional differences and challenges, and helps to find national solutions and problems.

BHS Generalist Trustee Candidate: Brenda Watson 

  • Strategic Management
    As an ex-secondary headteacher I have managed personnel, safeguarding and financial matters in a specialist sports college. My role involved a high level of strategic governance and committee coordination. I frequently made grant applications and negotiated with funding bodies such as the Youth Sports Trust.
  • Equestrianism
    As a horse rider I have a lifetime's experience of the equestrian world. I have competed in unaffiliated competitions and grassroots BE eventing. I have owned horses for many years and still have two at home; I also part-own an event horse which reached the BYEH championships last season. I volunteer for British Eventing, my local Pony Club and the Event Horse Owners Association. These experiences give me a good understanding of types of various equestrian competition.
  • Cycling
    As a 90 miles a week cyclist I see road use from another perspective. I participate in user groups forums in Epping Forest.

My life as a parent, teacher, manager, cyclist and horse rider has given me many experiences that reflect the issues which the BHS faces. In the modern world the Society must primarily promote the interests of horses and riders while constantly negotiating the rough waters of liability, safeguarding and, essentially, funding. I have for a long time been involved in the formulation and implementation of strategic plans to bring about change in an institution and I am familiar with the associated processes and pitfalls. I am also accustomed to communicating effectively and, where necessary, organising and running training in order to ensure that the right people have the right skills for things to run well.

I maintain a very keen interest in assisting young people in achieving highly in their chosen sport, and feel that there is no substitute from contact with horses. I believe the BHS must focus strongly on ensuring that horses and equestrian experiences and competition remain accessible, safe and enjoyable so that the next generation can get as much from an association with horses as have many of us. Equestrianism remains an irreplaceable and unique source of wellbeing and I should very much like to join the BHS, which is the most powerful organisation in the country with respect to its promotion. In this regard I believe my understanding of safeguarding will be a helpful asset.

As a sporty person I believe there is no substitute for outdoor activity, for fair competition and for contact with animals. It is this passion for horses, sport and competition which, I believe, makes me a good candidate for this role. I should be very happy to elaborate on my views and ideas, and on the above information.

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