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BHS Education Trustee Candidates

BHS Education Trustee: Sarah Simpson

  • I have trained career students for our own BHS qualifications, and been an Assessor (Chief Examiner) for 30 years. I have seen how vital it is to have BHS qualifications as a sound foundation to any equine career. 
  • I am 100% committed to ensuring we promote our (BHS) qualifications, and, that they continue to be held as a Gold Standard worldwide.
  • I am passionate about developing training courses in all subject areas, and, ensuring it is accessible to all.

My first consideration when pursuing a career with horses was to become BHS qualified. Over a ten year period I progressed from BHSAI to BHSI. The structure and depth of the training provided a sound foundation on which to build a rewarding and successful career; this is something I want to help the BHS promote. My experience had taken me into all areas of the industry, including; saddlery, colleges, racing, the thoroughbred breeding industry and also the coaching aspects of BE, BD and BS. 

I have worked in the equine industry for 35years; producing event horses, competing to advanced level, training competitors and career students, and working as an examiner, moderator, verifier and coach educator. 

Having seen and been involved in a variety of approaches to structure, delivery and assessment of qualifications, I feel I can bring a wealth of experience to the role of Education Trustee. 

I am passionate about all aspects of the BHS. As an organisation that promotes education as an effective way to improve horse welfare, going forward, I would like to see greater availability, and accessibility to a wide range of courses. These would be open to all members, be they recreational riders, employed within the industry or competitive riders; to provide personal development and CPD, as well as qualifications.

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