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Become a trainer

As a trainer for our professional pathways or Challenge Awards, you can open up a whole range of new opportunities for your clients.

  • Last reviewed: 9th April 2024
Coach In Complete Horsemanship Stage 3 Coach In Complete Horsemanship Stage 3

Approved trainers

There are many different training roles required to support learners along their career pathway or, to support your recreational riding clients via our Challenge Awards: 

  • Stage 4 Accredited Trainer 
  • Ride Safe Trainer 
  • Challenge Awards Trainer 

Become a Stage 4 accredited trainer

The revised Stage 4 qualifications, and their subsequent units, will require the learners to have their Skills Record signed off before the assessment day. There will be numerous Ready for Assessment and Trainer Endorsement forms that are required to be signed off. The Skills Record can only be signed off by a Stage 4 Accredited Trainer. 

A Stage 4 Accredited Trainer will have completed the BHS Stage 4 trainer induction, are a current BHS Accredited Professional and are qualified to either of the two options described below: 

  1. Qualified to at least one level higher for the assessment they are signing off and hold a teaching or coaching qualification
  2. Qualified to at least one level higher for the assessment they are signing off and hold a Ride Leader or Riding Out qualification at Level 2, or above. 

Stage 4 trainer induction events

Attendance at one of the following events would be required for you to be listed as a Stage 4 Accredited Trainer. 

Video calls

Video calls are about one hour long with up to 10 coaches. Once you have confirmed your booking you will be emailed the joining instructions and further training information to read before the call. Click on the date to book your space. 

Upcoming dates

Stage 4 Trainer Calls – 2024 dates



Trainer Guidance

We recommend any trainer or learner for the Stage 4 should read the Trainer Guidance. It provides an outline to the Stage 4 qualifications and gives examples for the level and depth of knowledge required. 

Pony Stars, Horse Explorers and Challenge Awards

We are continually developing our offer for recreational riders; over the last few years our Challenge Awards products have grown to include Pony Stars and Horse Explorers. Find out more about our recreational pathway. 

Our recreational products can be delivered by any Accredited Professional Coach or BHS Approved Centre. Although formal training is not compulsory to deliver, we encourage any coach to join in with a video call information session. This will ensure you are familiar with the product and the resources available (both for the participant and the coach) and we can answer any questions you may have before you get started. 

Find out more information on our introductory sessions and how they can support your business and become a Challenge Awards Trainer. 

Become a Ride Safe trainer

The Ride Safe award is now part of our Challenge Awards. 

To become a BHS Ride Safe Trainer and to be promoted on our website, you must meet the following criteria: 

  • Hold the Ride Safe Award (or BHS Riding and Road Safety) 
  • Attendance at a Ride Safe training the trainer day (minimum of one day) – see more below 
  • Plus one of the following: 
  • Minimum coaching qualification of BHS Stage 3 Coach and a BHS Accredited Professional Coach. Your coaching status must remain current for your Ride Safe Trainer status to be valid. 
  • Minimum coaching qualification of BHS Stage 3 Coach and a BHS Approved Centre Coach. Your coaching status must remain current for your Ride Safe Trainer status to be valid. 

Training days 

As a Ride Safe Trainer, you must attend a BHS training day, so you can guide and train candidates towards their Ride Safe Award. If you are interested in becoming a Ride Safe Trainer please contact us and we can put you in touch with a Ride Safe Advisor in your area. 

If you train learners for any of the career pathway qualifications, there are further resources available for you in the Accredited Professional Hub. We have an extensive programme of training videos to support your understanding of the standards expected at assessments, trainer guides and more. Contact the APC Team for access to these exclusive resources only available for BHS Accredited Professionals.