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Become a BHS Approved Pony Party Provider

Our BHS Approved Centre Scheme for Pony Party providers supports those who might not be a riding school, but who provide that all important, first contact with ponies.

  • Last reviewed: 2nd November 2023
Pony parties 1 Pony parties 1

For many children, pony parties are their first chance to meet a pony face-to-face. That first meeting could be the start of a lifetime of loving horses and we want to make sure that the experience is a positive one for all involved - both human and equine.

We want to support businesses to provide this much needed service. We want to promote safe and encouraging environments for people to experience the benefits of horses and ponies, making sure that education and welfare is at the heart of everything.

If you would like to become BHS Approved, please contact 

Benefits of being BHS Approved

By becoming a BHS Approved Pony Party Provider, you will get:

  • A BHS Approved Pony Party Provider plaque which can be displayed on site
  • A listing on our website in both our "Find an Approved Centre" search and in our dedicated "Find a Pony Party Provider" search
  • BHS Gold Professional Membership
  • Support from a dedicated regional Business Support Manager
  • Access to the BHS Cloud Resources
  • Access to free/discounted virtual CPD events
  • Safeguarding advice and guidance
  • Access to join our Second Chance rehoming project (dependant on availability of suitable horses and ponies)