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Basic Equipment

To help you get the most from your relationship with horses, and your riding experience, it is vital that you ensure your gear is up to scratch.

Protective headgear

An approved standard hat must be worn.

It’s always best to have your own hat, but for first lessons, most schools have hats they loan out. Make sure you check with the riding centre when booking for availability of hats.

Find out more information on headwear.


Long riding boots or jodhpur boots, or a strong pair of boots that cover the ankle and have a smooth sole and heel should be worn. The ankles can become rubbed and sore if in contact with the stirrup and leathers. A small but defined heel on the boot is necessary to prevent the foot slipping through the stirrup iron. Trainers should not be worn as they offer little protection and can easily become stuck in the stirrup. Wellington boots are also discouraged.

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Jodhpurs (trousers designed for riding) are useful but for beginner riders, a pair of strong trousers without a seam on the inside leg will be fine (a seam can pinch your leg while in the saddle).


A pair of sturdy, but not bulky, gloves are advisable to help avoid blisters while getting used to the reins.


A long sleeved shirt, a jacket that is fastened so that it doesn’t flap, or a sweatshirt are recommended.

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