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  • Jill Perry - BHS Stage 3 Coach in Complete Care & Horsemanship

    Freelance Instructor with 20 years' experience in all disciplines and TREC POP - Orienteering. Good at giving confidence. Will travel. Holds TREC T.D.

    Location: Hertfordshire - Essex - Bedfordshire - Cambridgeshire - Suffolk

    Tel: 01279 718282 / 07984 477991

  • Virginia Perry - BHS Stage 3 Coach in Complete Horsemanship

    Will help with Trec/natural horsemanship.  Confidence in riding any aspect.  20 years experience, reg freelance instructor.  Have competed in all disciplines and been excellent both affiliated/unaffiliated.  Have kit will t...

    Location: Hertfordshire - Essex - Bedfordshire - Cambridgeshire

    Tel: 01279 718282

  • Rhoda McVey - BHS Stage 3 Coach in Complete Horsemanship, BETCM, UKCC Level 2 Generic, BETRL

    I am known for systematic, sympathetic instruction in flatwork and jumping. I am also a TREC specialist having ridden at International level, and competed the length and breadth of the UK. I have examined for the British Equestrian Tourism exa...

    Location: Strathclyde - Central - Fife - Lothian

    Tel: 07770 427502

  • Angela Thompson - BHS Stage 3 Coach in Complete Horsemanship

    Available to teach/coach riders and train horses in all disciplines. Preparation for BHS exams and Pony Club exams and also TREC training.

    Location: Gloucestershire - Herefordshire - Worcestershire - Oxfordshire - Mid Wales

    Tel: 01531 890725 / 07957 477126

  • Sian Griffiths - UKCC Level 2

    I am patient and understanding and can help with confidence issues. I have many years experience coaching within the Pony Club and specialise in TREC and polocrosse.

    Location: West Sussex - East Sussex

    Tel: 07737286407

  • Louise Darrington - BHS Stage 3 Coach in Complete Horsemanship

    I have taught freelance for 25 years, including teaching for the Cambridgeshire Pony Club and Huntingdon & District Riding Club. I enjoy teaching dressage, show jumping and cross country, especially those into eventing. I also coach those new to ...

    Location: Cambridgeshire

    Tel: 01223 263101 / 07802 588551

  • Sarah-Jayne Bowers - BHS Stage 4 Senior Coach in Complete Horsemanship, Senior Coach, Stage 5 Stable Manager, UKCC Level 3

    Available for individual and group coaching, including Pony Club, Riding Club, BHS exam preparation, training for BRC, BD, BS and TREC.

    Location: Fife - Scotland

    Tel: 07850 180540 / 01337 870454

  • Sharon Nicholas - BHS Stage 3 Coach in Complete Horsemanship, UKCC L2

    With over 17 years experience working in the equine industry, I am available for teaching beginners to competitive riders in dressage, Le Trec, showing, BYEH and Eventing. I also train apprentices and assess up to diploma level 3 and coaching ...

    Location: South Yorkshire - North Lincs - South Lincs - Nottinghamshire

    Tel: 07903 819925

  • Wendy Neath - BHS Stage 3 Coach in Complete Horsemanship

    I am a mature, experienced instructor with excellent facilities. I have competed up to Advanced Dressage, Riding Club, Open Horse Trials, BSJA Discovery and Level 2 TREC. Riding Club members are particularly welcome.

    Location: South East

    Tel: 07802 676896

  • Yolande Ifold - BHS Stage 3 Coach in Complete Horsemanship

    I specialise in BHS TREC training, dressage and cross country schooling sessions. I am available for Pony Club competitions and rallies, Riding Club sessions and lectures/demonstrations. I also enjoy teaching how to ride a Dressage Test includ...

    Location: Devon - Cornwall

    Tel: 07713 631828 / 01805 804103

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