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Search Results: Accredited Professional Coaches & Grooms

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  • Caroline Glennie BHS Stage 2 Teach, UKCC Level 2

    I specialise in teaching younger children, with a healthy manner.

    Location: Dorset - Hampshire

    Tel: 01590 624541 / 07428 632303

  • Carol Soormally UKCC L2

    Specialising in generating a strong and positive partnership between you and your horse. I have been bringing on horses and riders for over 20 years and I am renowned for my unique confidence boosting approach.

    Location: Gloucestershire - Wiltshire - Worcestershire

    Tel: 07868 303041

  • Caroline Pope - BHS Stage 3 Coach in Complete Horsemanship, UKCC Level 2 Generic

    I specialise in coaching children and confidence building in adult riders to achieve their maximum potential and goals. Pony Club instructor and examiner. Working in the UK and Dubai, UAE.

    Location: Worcestershire - Warwickshire - UAE

    Tel: 07768 982554

  • Caroline Stagg- BHS Stage 3 Coach in Complete Horsemanship, UKCC L2

    Friendly, confidence giving instructor available for individual, Pony Club, Groups, Camps, and experienced within a commercial Riding School.

    Location: Dorset - Hampshire - Wiltshire

    Tel: 07766 225470

  • Caroline Hague Lenihan - BHS Stage 3 Coach in Complete Horsemanship

    Caroline Hague Lenihan - BHS Stage 3 Coach in Complete Horsemanship

    Location: Lancashire - Cheshire - Greater Manchester - Cumbria

    Tel: 07860 155611

  • Caroline Peatfield - BHSI, HT

    Experienced coach and competitor, happy to teach all ages and abilities. Competition training for any discipline. Career training for BHS/PC/UKCC exams. Confidence building. Facilities include arena with jumps or I can travel to you.

    Location: North Lincs - South Lincs - South Yorkshire - East Yorkshire

    Tel: 01673 842862 / 07879 444408

  • Caroline Connor- BHS Stage 3 Coach in Complete Horsemanship, Stage 4 Care and Management, NVQ Assessor 3

    Freelance to your door, England badge holder. 20 years of experience. BSJA/BD/XC. NVQ/BHS student training, managed livery establishment for 15 years, continued self development instructor with a mixture of modern connectivity, weight distribution te...

    Location: Surrey - West Sussex - East Sussex - Hampshire - Wales

    Tel: 07796090805

  • Caroline Wills - BHS Stage 3 Coach in Complete Horsemanship

    Enjoy taking riders on a progressive journey with their horses.

    Location: Cornwall

    Tel: 07834 184487

  • Carolyn Rowe - HT

    If you are looking to progress in either competition or self improvement, I can create confidence and increase knowldege very quickly. With excellent training in dressage, show jumping to grade B and eventing to 3* level. Guided programmes and positi...

    Location: Gloucestershire - Australia - France - Germany - Italy

    Tel: 07702 292817 / 01457 822255

  • Caroline Buckle - BHS Stage 4 Senior Coach in Complete Horsemanship, UKCC L2, Pony Club A Test

    I have been involved in a number of equestrian disciplines and was an active PC member for many years gaining my A test. I have a passion for coaching riders either on their own horses or within our riding school

    Location: Lothian - Scotland

    Tel: 07803 249091

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