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Find a Place to Train

BHS Approved Centres pride themselves on maintaining the highest possible standards. We regularly inspect each and every one to check they meet our requirements for safety, horse welfare and tuition, ensuring compliance and giving you peace of mind.

Our Approved Training Centres undergo an additional, training specific inspection to ensure that the training provided for career students meets the standard they have been approved to deliver.

Coaches at Approved Training Centres responsible for training are Accredited Professional Coaches and must stay up-to-date with current standards by attending seminars and conferences. They must also be qualified to the level above that which the centre is approved to train - for example, a centre approved to train to BHSAI must employ at least one registered BHSII instructor.

It is not compulsory for BHS assessment candidates to receive their training at BHS Approved Centres. However, for training of the highest calibre, it is advisable to use a centre that understands the requirements of each level and has qualified coaches and suitable horses.

Please use the search below to find an Approved Training Centre near you.

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