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Carriage Driving

The BHS works to defend, extend and promote safe off road access for riders and carriage drivers.
Carriage drivers have the same right as riders, and other vulnerable road users such as walkers and cyclists, to have free access to safe off-road routes. While we work to defend and protect existing routes and access throughout England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, we also work to extend these routes and promote what is available via The BHS National Equestrian Route Network, which is freely available to view on RideMaps UK.

The BHS responds to definitive map modification order applications. When a route that legally permits access by riders or carriage drivers is threatened, the BHS will work wherever possible to ensure access rights remain open for now and future generations. This work covers access on all public rights of way and access areas.
In 2012, we supported the launch of the Lindsey Trails, a series of routes totalling a 69 mile long trail across the Lincolnshire Wolds accessible to carriage drivers, horse riders, cyclists and walkers.

We’re also proud to have launched the Paralympic Legacy Access Project in 2013, which has seen 20 12-mile circular routes identified across Britain that suit the needs of carriage drivers with physical limitations.

Our National Access and Rights of Way Advisory Committee also has a dedicated carriage driving access representative. Gail Johnson represents the general interests of carriage drivers and always welcomes support from fellow enthusiasts. Feel free to contact her at if you have any queries about access and rights of way for carriage drivers.

Out and about in harness on the Lindsey Trails. Images courtesy of Lincolnshire County Council 

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