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Area Qualifiers


Winter Qualifier
Summer Qualifier

  Area 1: Southern Scotland  Click here Click here
Area 2: North East  Click here
Click here
  Area 3: North West  Click Here  Click here
  Area 4: Yorkshire Click here
 Click here
  Area 5: West Midlands Click here
 Click here
  Area 6: Buckinghamshire Click here
 Click here
 Area 7: Hertfordshire and Cambridgeshire Click Here
 Click here
Area 8: Essex  Click Here
 Click here
Area 9: Bristol, Swindon and Bath   Click here
 Click here
Area 10: Kent and East Sussex   Click here
 Click here
Area 11: Surrey   Click here
 Click here
Area 12: South West   Click here
Click here
 Area 13: South Coast  Click here
 Click here
 Area 14: Eastern Counties  Click Here
 Click here
Area 15: South Wales  Click here
 Click here
Area 16: East Midlands  Click here
 Click here
Area 17: Hampshire and Isle of Wight  Click here
 Click here
Area 18: Oxfordshire, Gloucestershire and Worcestershire  Click here 
 Click here
Area 19: Cornwall   Click Here 
Click here
Area 20: West Midlands, Mid Cheshire, North Wales and Shropshire  Click Here
 Click here
Area 21: West Wales   Click here
 Click here
Area 22: Northern Scotland   Click here
 Click here
Area 23: Northern Ireland   TBC

Entering a qualifier

You can enter qualifiers through your local affiliated riding club; a pre-entry must be made first. Pre-entries must be entered 21 days before the competition - late entries may be accepted at the discretion of the organiser. If a late entry is accepted, then there will be a late fee of £10 per individual and £20 per team payable to BRC HQ once the entry has been made. Following this, an entry needs to be made to the area. Instructions on how to enter your area qualifier will be on the schedule circulated by the organiser/area. 

Head to the BRC pre-entry website to make your entries online. Once we have received the entry, these will be processed and you will receive your declaration form via email or post.

Pre-entry and Area forms can be found on the BRC Entry Forms page of the website.

BRC Championships are split between a summer and winter season. Below is which championships come under which season:

 Winter Season
Arena Eventing Championships
Novice Winter Championships
Intermediate Winter Championships
Combined Championships

Summer Season
Horse Trials Championships
National Championships
Dressage to Music & Introductory Championships 



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