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Stage 2 - Riding Out

Stage 2 Riding Out will provide you with the skills to ensure you are able to lead riders on short rides, treks or hacks, and support the daily running of a commercial equestrian establishment.

  • Last reviewed: 18th April 2024
Stage 2 Riding Out Stage 2 Riding Out

What’s covered in the unit?

On completion of this unit, you will: 

  • Be able to care for stabled and grass kept horses 
  • Assist in the daily running of a commercial environment 
  • Be able to work with clients and others while maintaining their health, safety and welfare on and off the premises

This award will assess your level of competence in the commercial equestrian industry where you may be working under regular, but not constant supervision.

What will you be assessed on?

You will be assessed on the following learning outcomes: 

  • You will be assessed on the following learning outcomes: 
  • Know the roles and responsibilities of a Stage 2 Ride Leader 
  • Prepare to take out a ride 
  • Be able to ride as part of a group in an open space 
  • Be able to warm up safely in a group prior to riding out 
  • Ride and lead a horse and rider 
  • Escort clients out for a ride 
  • Evaluate own performance 

Download the full assessment criteria to review the learning outcomes in more detail.

How will you be assessed?

Up to four-hours criteria-based assessment.

Entry Requirements

The following certificates are co-requisites and are required to be completed and up to date for you to be awarded the Stage 2 Riding Out: 

  • Stage 2 Care can be completed on the day of the Ride Leader assessment 

BHS Gold member  - Membership discounts apply for students who are training for or taking BHS qualifications. International Students to be Overseas Full or Overseas E-Members. 

Skills Record

Supporting you at every stage, your Skills Record allows you to record your achievements and progression through your career, with pre-assessment sign off criteria and coach endorsements required for career pathways.

Pre-assessment criteria and coach endorsement for this assessment include:

  • Ready for assessment form completed – compulsory
  • Skill – Riding as part of a group in an open space - compulsory

The above must be signed off by an Accredited Professional Coach who holds a minimum of the Stage 3 Riding Out.

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