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Skills Record

The Skills Record is a booklet designed to help support you as you develop through your career. It also provides a way of recording your achievements as you learn new skills.

  • Last reviewed: 25th July 2022
Skills Record Skills Record

Your Skills Record will assist you as you undertake training and ensure that you are fully prepared for your assessments, as you progress through the BHS Career Pathways (Complete Horsemanship Stages 1-4).

Please look after your Skills Record as it contains a wealth of information to guide and support you. It also has relevant sign off pages to confirm you are ready for assessment and necessary templates for coach endorsements.

Your Skills Record must be signed off by an Accredited Professional or Approved Centre Coach with the relevant qualification at least one level higher than what is being signed off. Your Skills Record should be signed on an ongoing basis as you undertake regular training. We would recommend this should be completed at least one month before your assessment date.

You will need to take your Skills Record to your assessments. You can download and print your own Skills Record (link below in downloads), or you can purchase a copy for only £5 from our online bookshop.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a Skills Record?

You can download and print your own Skills Record (link below in downloads), or you can purchase a copy for only £5 from our online bookshop.

What is the difference between ‘ready for assessment’ and ‘coach or trainer endorsement’?

In your Skills Record, you will have a ready for assessment form that needs to be signed off by your coach – this is recommended for Stage 1 and compulsory for Stage 2, 3 and 4. This allows you to ensure you are ready to take the assessment and will not feel out of your depth on the day.

In addition to this, some awards require a coach/trainer endorsement for particular assessment criteria. These are criteria such as clipping a horse or loading a horse safely. These criteria must be signed off under the supervision of a coach in advance of the assessment day.

You will need to ensure you take your Skills Record with you to any assessment.

What happens if I can’t find an Accredited Professional Coach in my area to sign off my training? Can my assessor do this on the assessment day?

We pride ourselves in having an ever growing membership of Accredited Professional Coaches committed to being their best and continually evolving their coaching craft – find an Accredited Professional Coach in your area.

Remember, a coach at a BHS Approved Centre can also sign off your Skills Record, so we are confident there will be someone close by. If you are struggling, please contact our Education Team who can help point you in the right direction.

The ready for assessment sections cannot be signed on the day by your assessor. Similarly, the coach endorsements cannot be signed off on the day, as these cover sections of the assessment criteria that we are unable to assess on the day (such as clipping a horse and bathing a horse).

I'm an overseas/remote candidate. How do I get my Skills Record signed off?

Any candidate who cannot access a relevant Accredited Professional Coach or Approved Centre of the correct level should contact our team. They will guide you on what we can offer - this may be by reference or video if deemed necessary. This could be due to the candidate being an international candidate or from a very remote location where the BHS do not have Accredited Professional Coaches or Approved Centres within a reasonable distance.

I’ve lost my Skills Record, how do I get a new one?

Don’t worry – should you lose your Skills Record, please contact our Education Team and we will be able to replace this at a fee of £5. Of course, we cannot replace the endorsements and record of achievements and skills you would have perhaps gained, so please do take care of it.

A family member is an APC / Approved Centre Coach, can they sign off my Skills Record?

Your Skills Record is part of your assessment process and sign off should be independent, just like your BHS Assessment is. Therefore, no, a family member should not sign off your Skills Record as this would be a conflict of interest.


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