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What licence do you need to tow a horse trailer or drive a horsebox?

Horses often need to be transported on public highways. Towing a horse trailer or driving a horsebox requires different categories of driving licence, depending on the vehicle or vehicle/trailer combination.

 You can find out more about driver licence categories and check your own licence to see what you can drive here.

The BHS strongly recommends that anyone new or hasn’t towed in a while should take training from a qualified B+E driving instructor. There are many aspects to think about when towing not just the driving; including coupling and un-coupling safely, essential safety checks before you tow, and the weight restrictions of your vehicle and trailer. 

The type of licence you need depends on the Maximum Authorised Mass (MAM). This is found on either the manufacturer's plate or the ‘Ministry Plate’ (vehicles over 3,500kg). 

Renewing your driving licence at 70

Since 1997, the C1 and/or D1 (small lorry and/or bus) implied entitlements are not automatically renewed at the age of 70. Drivers can apply to have these entitlements re-instated, but they need to meet the higher medical standards of fitness to drive associated with lorry and/or bus entitlements.

A D2 application form and a D4 medical form completed by a doctor is required if the applicant wishes to keep their C1 and/or D1 implied entitlements. These are available from Post Offices that offer driving licence transactions. There is no DVLA fee for this process, but you may have to pay for the D4 medical form to be completed by a GP (and an optician if the GP doesn’t offer eye tests).


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