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Leaving the EU without a Free Trade Agreement in place

If we leave the EU without a Free Trade Agreement, whether owners will be able to move equines after 1 January 2021 depends on the EU listing us as a third country for the export of equines.

If the EU does not list us as a third country, it will not be possible to move equines to the EU.

If we are listed, owners will need to do the following to continue to be able to export. Further guidance on the requirements follows below:

  • to get equines tested for certain diseases before export, depending on the UK’s sanitary group;
  • to meet pre-export isolation and residency requirements;
  • to apply for an export health certificate (EHC);
  • have the correct equine identification (ID) documents;
  • to check if they need an export welfare declaration.

The type and level of health checks required would depend on the category of listed third country the UK obtains, but will include a number of blood tests within 30 days or less of travelling.  


Please read our guidance for equestrians intending to transport their horse between Great Britain and the EU from 1 January 2021


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