Slippery Roads

Some road surfaces can be extremely slippery and cause horses to slip or fall. There are a number of surfaces that may do this, but Stone Mastic Asphalt is one of the main culprits. 

This surface is laid because it is a quieter option for traffic and is now being found in many rural areas as well as busy urban roads and motorways, causing problems for equestrians. 

We are told by road surface experts that it is possible over time for the chippings that provide friction on road surfaces to erode, and the bitumen in the road material rises to the surface creating a slippery interface when a horses metal shoe meets the road. We are also told that there can be problems with newly laid surfaces being slippery if the surface is not dressed appropriately. 

The BHS has worked very hard with the County Surveyors Society (CSS) to reduce problems and together. We've produced a useful leaflet about horses and highway surfaces (pdf).

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