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Common Incidents When Horse Riding

Safety Advice and PreventionIn this section, you can find crucial advice for riders and carriage drivers about incidents commonly reported to us.

If you're affected by any of these incidents, please report it to us on our Horse Accidents website and take a look at the advice offered in this section.


If you experience any incident not listed, let us know by completing the Incident Form and emailing it into

Bird Scarers and Gas Guns

Many farmers use bird scarers and gas guns to protect their crops from damage by birds.

Check out our advice on keeping your horse in the same area as these devices.


Equestrians and cyclists are vulnerable road users. Both groups share similar risks when riding on the road and both need access to more safe off-road riding.

Find out more information and how the two groups can share space harmoniously.


In recent years, the BHS has become aware of a great increase in dog attacks on horses - not just on loose horses in fields, but also on those being ridden or driven.

Find out how to reduce your risk of dog attacks.

Blocked or obstructed bridleways & byways

A bridleway or byway is a public highway, just like your local high street, and blocking public highways is against the law.

Read our advice about what to do about an obstruction.


Livestock, horses or dogs can sometimes prevent people using a right of way if the behaviour of the animals is threatening or dangerous.

Our guidelines for passing through livestock.

Low Flying Aircraft

Find out how to keep yourself visible and safe in areas of low-flying aircraft, and how to report a concern.

You can find out more here.

Off Road Gates

Are you or your horse fazed by gates on your hacks? Our advice will help get you through safely and smoothly.

Find out more and watch our video about off road gates.

Chinese Lanterns

While Chinese lanterns are a pretty sight flying across the sky at night, the potential for harm when they descend is catastrophic.

Find out more about Chinese lanterns and how to report a concern.


With an increase in the popularity of drones, it is useful for equestrians to have more information about the restrictions surrounding them.

Find out more information about drones


Even the most sensible of horses can be frightened by fireworks.

Read our information to help your horse cope with local displays.

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