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Fireworks & Horses | Make sure you are prepared

Organised public displays may be cancelled this year, and as a result there could be an increase in private firework displays at home. Follow our horse owner checklist to prepare and make this firework season as safe as possible for you and your horse.

fireworks frighten, think of us

Are you prepared?

  • Find out if anyone is planning on setting off fireworks in the local neighbourhood – speak to neighbours, use social media and noticeboards.
  • Keep to your horse’s normal routine where possible and check for anything they could injury themselves on.
  • Research ways to help keep your horse calm. Keep yourself calm too as this can have an impact on your horse.
  • Have an emergency fire procedure in place. Talk to your local fire safety officer for help.
  • Ensure you have adequate third part liability insurance. If your horse is frightened and escapes, causing an accident, then you could be held liable for compensation.
  • After the event, keep an eye on your horse for any stress-related issues or injuries. Remember to check your field and yard for any firework debris.

Have you had a problem with fireworks?

We are urging all equestrians to report all incidents involving fireworks, regardless of severity, to us. You can let us know by reporting the incident through our online form.

Reporting your incidents helps us to better understand the rate of equine-related incidents across the UK.

Anyone can report their incidents or near misses to us; you don’t have to be a BHS member. It is vital each and every incident is recorded in order to be added to our national statistics.

Please watch and share

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Further information

For more information, refer to the laws related to fireworks by visiting the DEFRA website or if you are based in Scotland please read the Fireworks FAQS Scotland.

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