Considerations before you buy a horsebox

If you thinking of buying a horsebox there will be a lot of things you need to take in to consideration. This can be a minefield and exciting all at the same time.

Consider buying from a manufacturer or dealer; the advantages are that they may offer you a warranty on the lorry, even if it is second-hand – double check what this covers and how long it last for. Always ask for a written copy of the warranty for your records. Sales will also be covered by the Sales of Goods Act 1979, which offers added protection.

Our advice

What size horsebox should I buy?

The size horsebox you need will depend on a number of factors, including how many horses you intend to travel and whether you require living space. The one of the important factors you should take into account is how much payload capacity will you need. It is vital you are not overloaded for the safety of yourself and your horse(s).

If I want a larger horsebox will I need to take a test so I can legally drive it?

Yes, if you are looking to drive anything over 3.5t and depending on when you took your driving test you likely to need to take any additional test. Read our information about driver licensing laws.

What size horsebox will have a big enough payload to carry my horse(s)? What else will I be carrying for the day or weekend which need to be considered for my payload capacity?

Remember that the payload weight capacity includes the driver, any passengers, horses, tack, water, hay etc. The weight can soon add up and you may find yourself illegally overloaded if you don’t take all this into account. We recommend going to a weighbridge to get a payload certificate. Find out more here.

 Further considerations:

  • Can I afford a new one?
  • What about a second-hand market?
  • How much is the tax?
  • Insurance?
  • How much fuel will it drink?
  • How much will it cost to service/MOT/Plate?
  • Will my yard allow me to park it and store it onsite, if not where can it go? 
  • Do I need living space, and if so, what are the essentials?
  • What is my purpose in owning a horsebox?
  • How many times a month/year will I really use it?
  • What are the alternatives? Could I go with a friend, buy or hire a trailer, hire a horsebox or hire a horse transporter? 

Further advice for transporting your horse

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