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Masterclass with Corinne Bracken

Corinne uses a variety of training exercises to help three very different horse and rider combinations to develop their jumping techniques. Using a standard 20 x 60m sand and rubber base arena, Corinne demonstrates how basic show jumping equipment allows coaching at all levels. Her Masterclass riders range from a young Pony Club participant, to a potential 2021 Olympian, and a top amateur competitor.

Pip Reed riding Teddy

Aims of exercise:
- Keeping the rhythm and balance between jumps
- Maintaining a forward momentum
- Remaining straight when riding away from a fence


Annie Ho riding Caballo

Aims of exercise: 
- Introduce a new horse and rider combination
- Collect the canter in a big striding horse
- Introduce a new combination to jumping fences


Berenice Laurent riding TJ Dynamic, aka Charlie

Aims of exercise:
- Work on the suppleness to improve jumping
- Improve the horse’s balance after a fence
- Develop rideability in straight and curved lines

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