Keeping The Horse | Horse Ownership

Careful thought needs to be given in advance as to where and how you will keep the horse. There are advantages and disadvantages both to owning/renting your own land or keeping the horse at a livery yard. Keeping a horse on your own land will eliminate the cost of livery fees, however your time commitment may be increased greatly.

If you decide to keep your horse at a livery yard it is important to consider the following points:

  • The type of livery you need (DIY, part, working, full)
  • The location of the livery yard (how far from home is it?)
  • The facilities the yard has including any hacking routes
  • Knowledge and experience of the yard owner, yard manager and staff
  • Cost of livery and any additional charges

The BHS operates an approval scheme for riding establishments and livery yards. The scheme has horse and pony welfare, along with client safety and satisfaction, as priorities. All establishments are insured for public liability and comply with the latest health and safety legislation.

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