Time Commitment | Horse Ownership

Caring for a horse is time consuming and consideration needs to be given as to how you would adapt your daily routine to care for a horse. Both field-kept and stabled horses will need to be checked a minimum of twice daily especially during the winter.

Daily jobs will vary depending upon the time of year but these can include mucking out, providing fresh water and feed, grooming, checking and changing rugs and exercising/riding the horse.

Regular farrier appointments and, as necessary, veterinary, saddler and equine dental technician visits will all require extra amounts of your time, usually during the working day.

The majority of horses adapt quickly to a new routine although it is important to remember that all horses are individuals and can respond differently to a given situation. Some horses can become anxious or stressed if their routines are not adhered to.

When you are planning a holiday you will also need to think about who is going to look after the horse and that you are leaving him in the care of a capable and reliable person.

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