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Feet, Fat and Freedom from Discomfort

Managing Weight and Laminitis in Equids

Summer is here, the sun is out, the grass is growing and it is the time to be most vigilant about weight and laminitis. As many people are exercising their animals less, or are restricted on yard time due to Covid-19, it is time to be extra creative about how you think about weight management and laminitis avoidance. Join our Facebook event, Thursday 7 May, for an evening of three seminars followed by live Q&A to help arm you with the information you need about laminitis and weight management.


  • 7:00 - Welcome address from Sheila Voas, Scottish Government Chief Vet
  • 7:10 - Dee Pollard: Recognising laminitis and reducing the risk
  • 7:40 - Tamzin Furtado: When the grass is always greener: making weight management work for you
  • 8:00 - Pause to allow Clap for Carers
  • 8:15 - Alex Thiemann: What's different about donkeys?
  • 8:45 - Live Q&A

We have compiled a list of resources providing useful information on the topic.

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