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Equine Disease Prevention

July 2019

Disease can be a real threat to any horse, pony or donkey (or their hybrid) and can seriously impact their health and welfare. Disease outbreaks can be costly, especially if it affects a business such as a riding school and the whole yard can be on ‘lock down’ for weeks, or even months.

The British Horse Society urge all horse owners, riders, carers and managers to take simple steps to help prevent the spread of disease at home and when out and about.

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Additional step to help prevent the spread of disease

  • If your horse or another horse on your yard is showing any signs of not being well, they should not be taken to any events. It is bitterly disappointing if this happens but the welfare of the horse must always come first
  • Wash your hands after handling any horse, particularly before handling another horse
  • Don’t allow your horse to graze at an event venue as a diseased horse may have grazed there beforehand
  • If you are attending an event, check the schedule or website to find their vaccination and health and hygiene policies. Don’t attend if you do not feel comfortable about the measures the organisers have put in place to reduce the risk of disease
  • Make the event organiser aware if your horse becomes unwell at an event
  • Continue to closely monitor horses for a few weeks after the event, including daily temperature checking
  • Quarantine new arrivals to your yard for ideally, a minimum of 21 days

Let others know if you have a suspected or confirmed disease outbreak as this will help to reduce the spread, for example inform your farrier.

Disinfecting a Lorry

Further information

To request your free A4 or A5 disease prevention poster/flyer or advisory leaflets contact or call 02476 840517

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