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Advice for horse owners in Wales during the Coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak

Read the latest information from the Welsh Government here.

Information @ 21st February 2021

The Welsh Government has relaxed requirements on COVID-19 passes as of today

All the venues previously covered by the domestic Covid Pass regulations – large indoor and outdoor events, will no longer need to restrict entry to vaccinated individuals or those who have a negative test (or are medically exempt).  

However, guidance will say that venues and event operators can still use the Covid Pass on a voluntary basis. So please make sure you’re familiar with your venues and events requirements before you attend.

Covid passes will continue to be available via the NHS online system.

Further relaxations are anticipated next Friday, before the next three weekly review of the Covid regulations on the 3 March. 

Welsh Government is currently expecting to continue a path of relaxations until the end of March as transition towards the post-pandemic period.


Information @ 22nd December 2021

A new suite of new Covid measures to be introduced in Wales from 6am Boxing Day. 

The Welsh Government announcement is available here, ac yn Cymraeg yma. 

Most significantly for sport and leisure, these measures include:

  • Large events will not be allowed indoors or outdoors.
  • The maximum number of people who can gather at an indoor event will be 30 and 50 outdoors.
  • There will be an exception for team sports, up to 50 spectators will be able to gather, in addition to those taking part.
  • There is also an exception for events involving children.

Other measures indoors include a return to previous Alert Level 2 restrictions, including:

  • A legal requirement to work from home where possible, enforceable by fines on employers and employees.
  • A general requirement of 2m social distancing in all premises open to the public and workplaces, where reasonable.
  • The rule of six will apply to gatherings in regulated premises indoor premises, any six people may meet in these settings as a bubble.

£120m of business support will be released to support businesses impacted by these changes, in addition to the £3m of support announced for sporting organisations impacted by the removal of spectators.


20th December 2021 Review

  • Facemasks should continue to be worn in indoor public places.
  • 2m social distancing will be reintroduced from the 27th December.
  • Limitations on numbers in shops will be reintroduced.
  • It is an offence not to work from home where possible from the 20th December.
  • Sport will continue but from behind closed doors (no spectators) from the 26th December. This will apply to all indoor, outdoor, professional and community sports events and a £3m Spectator Sports Fund will be available to support clubs and venues.
  • COVID passports are still required.
  • Gyms, leisure centres, community centres and fitness facilities (including equestrian businesses) remain open, but the Welsh government has said extra measures, including risk assessments, must be in place.
  • It is recommended to take a lateral flow device test before travelling on public transport, going out and socialising, or participating in group activities (including sport). Lateral flow devices can be ordered here :
  • It is important to follow self-isolation guidance, available here:
  • The Welsh Government has announced up to £60m will be available to support businesses affected by the new restrictions.



    Please read our information and advice for horse owners and business owners during the Coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak


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