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Advice for horse owners in Wales during the Coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak

Wales update as of 11th January

Frequently asked questions

  • Riding schools will remain shut to the public, this will be reviewed on the 29th January however the daily care of horses will continue.
  • All non-essential shops will shut remain shut until the next government review – click and collect is however permitted.
  • Essential stores e.g. feed merchants will remain open.
  • Voluntary work – can be done ideally from home if reasonably practicable.
  • Coaches APC’s can work as they can’t ‘work from home’ however their clients are unable to book a face to face lesson as they have been given a ‘Stay at Home Order’ by the government, therefore it is suggested APC’s teach online, they can also ride their own and/or their clients horses for exercise if yard owners agrees.
  • Education – riding schools/APCs delivering organised education programmes (work based/vocational) will continue – however all schools, colleges and universities in Wales have made an agreement that they will move to online-only provision only. The next review will be on the 29th January. Furloughed staff can be included in online education. 
  • Equine sporting events - equine sporting events will need to be cancelled, dressage, BRC’s, show jumping etc - online events will continue.
  • Vets, farriers etc should prioritise their work, with welfare cases as first order business.
  • Horse owners can leave home to care for their animals. Riding is not specifically prohibited but you should stay local, no limits have been set at this time in regards to the distance you can ride from home. Horse owners should only be riding out with their household groups or support bubbles etc. Riding activities should be low risk to reduce pressure on the NHS. Caring for animals, including horses is deemed essential. Horse owners should create a buddy plan in case they are unable to attend to their horses due to self-isolation.
  • Yard owners should consider implementing additional bio security measures similar to those used in previous lockdowns.
  • Travelling – the government is discouraging travelling to reduce COVID transmission rates, therefore travelling horses should be for essential reasons only.
  • The Welsh borders People will be allowed to cross the border to care for their horses/work (if they can’t work from home) whilst in England they will need to follow English tier rules.

The BHS Helpline

The BHS Welfare Helpline is here to offer you advice and support with any questions or concerns you may have.

We are here for all our members and supporters and we have extended our working hours to provide a Coronavirus Helpline during these difficult times to help answer your additional queries relating to Coronavirus lockdown.

 Call us on 02476 840517

If you are an APC please call 02476 840565 or an Approved Centre please call 02476 840509



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Please read our information and advice for horse owners and business owners during the Coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak


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