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HMRC guidance on accessing the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme to make a claim

Note, you will need to have the following information before 20 April 2020 to be able to make a claim:

  • A Government Gateway (GG) ID and password – if you don’t already have a GG account, you can apply for one online, or by going to GOV.UK and searching for 'HMRC services: sign in or register'
  • Be enrolled for PAYE online – if you aren’t registered yet, you can do so now, or by going to GOV.UK and searching for 'PAYE Online for employers'
  • The following information for each furloughed employee you will be claiming for:
    • 1. Name.
    • 2. National Insurance number.
    • 3. Claim period and claim amount.
    • 4. PAYE/employee number (optional).
  • If you have fewer than 100 furloughed staff – you will need to input information directly into the system for each employee
  • If you have 100 or more furloughed staff – you will need to upload a file with information for each employee; HMRC will accept the following file types: .xls .xlsx .csv .ods.

How to claim

As you prepare to make a claim, please note:

  • The online claim service will be launched on GOV.UK on 20 April 2020 – please do not try to access it before this date as it won’t be available
  • The only way to make a claim is online – the service should be simple to use and any support you need available on GOV.UK; this will include help with calculating the amount you can claim
  • You can make the claim yourself even if you usually use an agent
  • Claims will be paid within 6 working days; you should not contact HMRC unless it is absolutely necessary – any queries should be directed to your agent, representative or our webchat service
  • Employees will need to raise queries with you, as their employer, directly.

If you want an agent to act for you

Please note:

  • Agents authorised to act for you on PAYE matters can make the claim on your behalf using their ID and password
  • You will need to tell your agent which UK bank account you want the grant to be paid into, in order to ensure funds are paid as quickly as possible to you.

You should retain all records and calculations in respect of your claims.

Guidance on GOV.UK is being regularly updated so please review it frequently.


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