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During this time of unprecedented upheaval, the British Horse Society has developed an interim model of assessment for the Care units of our qualifications for Stages 1 to 3, (Stage 4 to follow in the next few weeks) in order to comply with current government health guidelines. The model will allow candidates to be assessed on a 1:1 basis; one candidate to one assessor; however relevant National Government guidelines regarding social distancing and travel restrictions must be followed.

Candidates can now contact a BHS Approved Riding School, Training Centre or Assessment Centre with a view to taking an assessment, and the centre will organise an assessor. The assessment date and time will be agreed between the candidate, centre and the assessor. The candidate pays their assessment fee to the centre. All assessments are held on a 1:1 basis, one candidate to one assessor. Please download our Candidate Guidance During Covid-19 for full details of this process.

Assessment Centre Requirements

One of the significant changes that we have implemented is to revise our assessment centre requirements for delivery of the Care assessments. We have revised our assessment centre requirements, as follows:

  • Stage 1 Care (from 27th May 2020)
    The candidate can be assessed at any BHS Approved Riding School
  • Unit 1: Stage 2 Care (from 27th May 2020)
    The candidate can be assessed at any BHS Approved Riding School
  • Unit 1: Stage 3 Care (from 27th May 2020)
    The candidate can be assessed at a BHS Approved Training Centre (ATC) that is approved at Stage 3 or above.
  • Unit 1: Stage 4 Care (Date to follow)
    The candidate can be assessed at a BHS assessment centre approved at Stage 4 or above. Please contact the BHS Education Team for details of these centres.

Any centre used for the delivery of a Care assessment will have suitable equipment, facilities and horse/s required to deliver the Care assessment, for one candidate.

Candidates can be assessed at the centre they are employed at or have trained at, and assessors can be employees or contractors of the centre. You will be required tocomplete a registration form to be handed to your assessor at your assessment.

For further details on the above process, including assessment fees, download the full Candidate Guidance During Covid-19.

Frequently Asked Questions

When can this assessment model begin?

The assessment model given above can be delivered for Stages 1-3 from 27 May 2020 or as soon as the centre is ready or able to hold an assessment.

There are a few additional challenges concerning the Stage 4 Senior Care and Senior Management units (Unit 1 and Unit 2 respectively). We are working on the procedure and assessment documents for this level and hope to have these finalised by the end of May.

Where can I find the assessment dates?

The BHS are not organising the booking of the Care assessments, so we are unable to list any assessment dates on our website. If you wish to take a Care assessment; please follow the ‘operational procedure’ guidance on page 2 of the Candidate Guidance During Covid-19 document. Your first step is to contact a BHS Approved Riding School

What’s the plan for Lunge, Ride and Coaching assessments?

We hope to be able to deliver these, as per the standard (pre Covid-19) operational model, with appropriate social distancing in place from September 2020. The guidance above relates to Care assessments only. We will provide further updates with regards to these assessments as soon as possible.

Are you delivering Stage 5 Care assessments using this model?

The Stage 5 Care is a more challenging assessment to deliver as per the particular requirements for equipment, resources and horses. We do not feel we are able to deliver any Stage 5 assessments for the remainder of 2020, and we appreciate this is disappointing for all involved. We are hopeful we can begin to deliver Stage 5 from Spring 2021.

When will Care assessments go back to the normal delivery model?

We hope to go back to our normal delivery model as soon as Government guidance will allow us to. We do not know when this will be, but we hope by offering this one-to-one assessment model, many candidates can continue with their education and/or employment development.

Does this model comply with regulatory/awarding body requirements?

We have consulted closely with BHSQ and Ofqual who are completely satisfied with the processes we have in place to minimise risk to the integrity of the assessment and have their full support in implementing the above model.

Resources to support the candidate towards BHS Care assessments:

If you have any queries regarding booking a BHS Care assessment, please contact the Education Team by email: or phone 02476 840508


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