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The British Horse Society

Become a part of the largest equestrian charity and membership organisation in the UK. Join, donate, support and volunteer to ensure that we’re here for every horse and those who love them. 

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The British Horse Society

What we do for horses and the people who love them 

We are the largest and most influential equestrian charity and membership organisation in the UK. We exist to protect and promote the interests of every horse and are here to support every rider, horse owner, carriage driver, those who work in the equestrian community and everyone who simply has an interest in the wellbeing of equines.


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The British Horse Society

Our impact in numbers

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94 pence in every pound raised by the BHS spent on delivering our charitable objectives

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The Society's thriving and active community of 1200+ volunteers are committed to improving the lives of horses everywhere



Children and young people have been supported through the Changing Lives Through Horses programme across the UK



Horses helped through proactive advice, support and education every year

Road Safety Campaign

Dead Slow

Our shocking statistics show that riders face a real threat when they are riding on the road. As the largest equestrian charity in the UK, we’ve been using our Dead Slow campaign to educate drivers on how to safely pass horses on the road.

Dead Slow
Access Car Passing Riders Slowly

BHS Career Pathways

Our best in class qualifications and assessments equip candidates for a life or career with horses. The BHS qualifications framework is internationally recognized and some of the best coaches, riders and grooms in the equestrian sector have come through our career pathway.

Equestrian careers & training

Whether you want to gain professional, industry recognised qualifications to spring-board your equine career or you simply want to learn more about horses and improve your skills for personal achievement there’s a pathway for you.

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Looking for a coach?

If you're in need of a coach or a groom, search our list of accredited professionals for confidence and peace of mind.

Find a coach or groom

Find a riding centre

Looking for somewhere to learn to ride, improve your skills, learn a new discipline or simply enjoy riding out - try a BHS approved riding centre.

Find a riding centre or livery yard
Find a riding centre