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Ride Out Ambassadors

BHS Ride out Ambassadors are individuals who are qualified and experienced in riding out and leading rides. They work proactively to protect, extend and promote riding out in their area.

  • Last reviewed: 19th July 2022
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What is a BHS Ride Out Ambassador?

They are Ambassadors of riding out, who lead by example, are a go to point for lesser experienced riders or fellow users needing support. They are an asset to any business they work for that relies on hacking out as part of their operations.

Who can become a Ride Out Ambassador?

Anyone who has achieved their Stage 3 Trail Leader qualification. Stage 3 Trail leaders will have fulfilled the BHS Career pathway which includes;

Does it cost me anything?

No, its FREE! 

It is a simple process but requires you to do some work.

Now you have become a Trail Leader, why not gain that final accolade and string to your bow, by becoming a Ride Out Ambassador? Not only will you be strengthening your skills set and employability, but you will be learning a wealth of knowledge that will give you the tools you need to protect where you ride, open new routes, and help promote responsible and safe riding out. You will therefore be helping to not only keep horses and riders safe, but be proactively working to secure safe off rode places to ride for future generations of equestrians in your area. You get to proudly wear the BHS hi viz "Ambassador" hat cover and exercise sheet when leading your rides. 

You'll receive great benefits...

  • "Ride Out Ambassador" hi vis hat cover and exercise sheets for leading your rides
  • Significant skills and experience to add to your CV
  • Listed on our website as a "BHS Ride Out Ambassador" - others can contact you directly
  • Make a difference to the lives of equestrians in the local area through your Access & Rights of Way expertise
  • Proactively helping people and their horses to ride out and enjoy life
  • Help equestrians with riding out safely either locally or from an approved establishment
  • Giving you the skills and support to make a difference
  • Helping to secure safe places to ride and carriage drive off road for all equestrians