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Helping professionals to be the best

The best way to ensure this is to help professionals throughout the industry to be the best and achieve the highest standards of excellence.

That’s why we provide an approvals accreditation system for all training, riding, trekking and sporting centres. There are currently more than 800 BHS Approved Centres in the UK, Ireland and worldwide.

What does BHS Approved mean?

BHS Approved means that all centres are regularly inspected to ensure they meet high standards of safety, horse welfare and tuition. We use three levels of grading: Approved (A), Commended (C) and Highly Commended (HC). Training centres undergo an additional, more rigorous inspection to make sure that all Instructors and training is of the highest calibre.

Find out more about the inspection process of becoming an Approved Centre.

For added peace of mind, every centre is insured for public liability and complies with the latest health and safety legislation.

We want to ensure that everyone is able to have the best equestrian experience. So if you want to be the best, BHS Approved Centres will ensure you pass the test.

See our current list of BHS Approved Centres.

Find out more about the benefits of becoming an Approved Centre.

How to become BHS Approved

If you are interested in becoming a BHS Approved Centre, please register your interest with us by email or calling the BHS Approval Team on 02476 840509.



Information & Resources for BHS Approved Centres

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