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FAQs | Accredited Professional Coaches

If you require any further information or if you have any questions please contact us on 02476 840565 or email

I was on the Register of Instructors – what does the new scheme mean for me?

The refreshed scheme replaces the previous Register of Instructors as a direct result of extensive research over the last couple of years to find out what coaches and the riding public want and need from BHS accreditation.

Can I join the new scheme today?

Yes of course! We would be delighted to welcome you onto the new package. We will pro rata and credit your current membership to your Accredited Professional Coach membership. If you have taken a BHS Safeguarding or BHS First Aid Course in the last 12 months, this will be taken into account within the fee for your first year of membership.

Call the team today on 02476 840565 and we will be able to transfer you to an Accredited Professional Coach membership.

What are the new costs?

All Accredited Professional Coaches must hold up-to-date safeguarding certificates, first aid certificates, criminal record checked (according to national requirements), and be a Gold member of the BHS. The cost of the BHS First Aid and Safeguarding courses have now been incorporated into the annual cost for an Accredited Professional Coach to ensure transparency on costs.

We are incredibly pleased to say our new professional membership includes a wealth of fantastic new benefits. Coaches can now become an Accredited Professional Coach with a fantastic insurance package for less than £1.10 a day. Please note, Criminal record checks are compulsory for all Accredited Professional Coaches. Those based in England or Wales must hold a valid DBS certificate and those based in Northern Ireland must hold Access NI. PVG checks for coaches in Scotland are highly recommended. The BHS can process DBS applications for £54.00, this cost is not included in the Accredited Professional Coach package.

What happens if I don’t want to move onto the new scheme?

Coaches who were part of the previous register of instructors will not automatically renew onto the Accredited Professional Coach membership package and therefore will no longer hold a BHS Accredited Professional Coach status. If coaches do wish to continue onto this membership they should contact the team who will be happy to help and answer any questions, we believe the option of direct debit will be of immense value to current members.

Why has the name changed from Instructor to Coach?

In a recent survey to the Current Register of Instructors, 77% preferred the term Coach or Professional when referring to a name change.

“I was suddenly aware of how outdated the term ‘Instructor’ was. I am really pleased the BHS are going to address this.”

“We have to embrace this new word Coach as all the other sports seem to be doing, so that we are on an equal footing. I think the term instructor is hopelessly outdated”.

Coaching is an inclusive term which includes teaching and instructing. The BHS primarily uses coaching as a participant (riders, driver or vaulted) centred term, and means the coach is adapting the session and delivery to meet individual needs. It should be noted that during a coaching session it will be appropriate at times to ‘instruct’ or ‘tell’ as well as ‘question’.

All BHS instructor qualifications assess the candidates’ coaching ability – meaning they have to demonstrate when it is appropriate to ‘tell’ and when it is appropriate to ‘question’.

I have the HSE First Aid at Work qualification, how does this affect you?

We have always, and will continue to accept the full three day HSE FAW First Aid course and the Two-Day refresher for BHS assessments, the UKCC and the Professional membership. If you have the HSE FAW course then we will credit £48 per year or £4 per month (if paying by monthly DD) off the cost of the new membership.

I am an Overseas Coach, Groom or work for a BHS Approved Centre - what does this mean for me?

We do offer packages for BHS Approved Centre Coaches, Overseas Coaches and Grooms to cater for your specific needs. Please contact the team for more information on 02476 840565 or at

Interested in becoming a BHS Accredited Professional Coach?

If you would like to find out more about our Accredited Professionals programme, please submit an enquiry form and one of our team will contact you shortly.


Alternatively, you can call our Accredited Professionals Team on 02476 840565 or email us at

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