Accredited Professional Centre Coach/Ride Leader/Groom Packages

UK and Ireland only

This is the new Proprietor and Coach package, there are currently three schemes under this package

  • Accredited Professional Centre Coach
  • Accredited Professional Centre Ride Leader
  • Accredited Professional Centre Groom

To apply Centre Staff would have to be qualified to:

  • Centre Coach – BHS Stage 2 Complete (including Stage 2 Teach) or above
  • Ride Leader – BHS Stage 2 Ride Leader  or above
  • Groom – BHS Stage 2 Care and Lunge or above
  • All – must hold safeguarding and protecting children certificate

In order to become a member:
All Coaches/Rider Leaders/Grooms must be a current BHS Gold Member 

Accredited Professional and Centre package include:

  • branding in Accredited Professional materials on clothing etc.
  • 25% discount on BHS Assessments
  • Reduced cost of First Aid Course (2 days = £100 rather than £139, 1 day = £65 rather than £89)
  • Discounts on many CPDs events and conventions
  • Free access to BHS Education standardisation training day (e.g. equine excellence pathways)
  • Access to business tool-kit, and all challenge awards coach guides and sessions plans
  • Access to Accredited Professional Coach Facebook page
  • Authority to sign off professional pathways skills records
  • Authority to deliver challenge awards.
  • Authority to train Ride Safe and sign off Guides

The Terms and Conditions are:

  • The Approved Centre Coach/Ride Leader/Groom membership term will run in conjunction with the corresponding Approved Centre membership
  • The membership may be upgraded mid-term and cost will be adjusted accordingly, any membership reductions will be applied at the time of the Approved Centre membership renewal
  • It is the responsibility of the Approved Centre to notify the BHS Approvals Department of any changes in the names Coaches/Ride Leaders/Groom 
  • All coaches taking part in this scheme must be employed by the Approved Centre and work a minimum of 40 hours per month
  • BHS Assessors that are employed by the Approved Centre can be part of the membership as long as they provide evidence of insurance for assessing
  • All nominated Centre Coaches must abide by the BHS Accredited Professional Coach’s Code of Conduct
  • The Centre must be approved for at least 6 months before taking out this membership out
  • Branding can only be used in conjunction with employed work of the centre (cannot be used on a freelance basis)

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