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Horse Passport Prices

Information about Passport pricing

  • Last reviewed: 22nd November 2022
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Fees for the various passport services we provide are as follows:

  • New passport applications: £25 (£15 for registered charities)
  • Replacement Passport: ​£25 (£15 for registered charities)
  • ​Duplicate Passport: £30 (£15 for registered charities)
  • Change of ownership: £15 (£12 for registered charities)
  • Change of address: £10
  • Change of owner name details: £10
  • Change of horse's name: £10 (Please note that we are unable to change the name on passports where the front page has been laminated)
  • Overstamping a foreign passport: £20 (£15 for registered charities)

Learn more about horse passports

Find out how to apply for a horse passport and further information on the cost and processing time as well as what you need to check before applying.

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