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Stonar School Equestrian Centre

The Equestrian Centre at Stonar offers an immersive experience for riders, from beginners to advanced, and proudly produces highly successful equestrian teams.

horse at a yard horse at a yard

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Atworth, Melksham SN12 8NT, UK

About us

Stonar’s world-class Equestrian Centre is at the heart of our 80-acre countryside school site and is used exclusively by Stonar pupils. Whether a pupil is a complete beginner or wishing to compete at a high level, we have the facilities to ensure they blossom.

Led by the Director of Riding, a coaching system underpinned by strong fundamental techniques provides mentoring for young riders and individual development plans for more advanced riders, enhanced with regular clinics delivered by specialists.

Riding has been a core feature at Stonar for decades, with the School’s first horse Tufty being one of the most notable figures in our history. Not only does our Equestrian Centre provide an exclusive site for equine enthusiasts, the skills development promotes responsibility, maturity and a love for the animals and the industry.

Horses in the stables