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Moorcroft Equine Rehabilitation Centre

horse at a yard horse at a yard

Location details

Huntingrove Stud,, Slinfold, Horsham RH13 0RB, UK

About us

Moorcroft Equine Rehabilitation Centre is a registered charity, and our mission is to re-school and rehabilitate horses.

In addition to former racehorses that have been gifted to us so that they can have a real chance at a second career, we also operate with other breeds. The Centre's Manager, Mary Frances BHSII & BHS, has many years experience in training horses with the main emphasis on them being comfortable and sound to be ridden to do a job.

At Moorcroft, we feel that unless we get to the bottom of issues, quirks, behavioural traits, and all the other excuses people make for ex-racehorses, we won't really be able to give these horses a long-term future which is what we were set up to do.

All the horses go through a simple, basic, sympathetic retraining programme which they thrive on and aspects of this training is explained at our evening courses and regular Demonstrations – please see our website for further details on this.

Building the horse's confidence in you as a rider and/or handler is the key to good training. No restrictive gadgets or aggressive methods are used here - just basic, honest horsemanship.