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Leon Equestrian Club

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Leon Equestrian Club was established in 2020 and is one of the few equestrian clubs in China approved by the BHS. Our teaching focuses on young people while providing excellent services for horse owners.

Leon Equestrian Club is situated near Mingjia Mountain in the Teng'ao Economic Development Zone of Anshan City. Its excellent geographical location offers convenient transportation, with the airport, high-speed railway station, and highway entrance all within a 15-minute drive. The resort primarily focuses on training competitive horses, serving horse owner members, providing intermediate and advanced equestrian teaching, organizing member activities, and offering vacation leisure services. The resort features a 70x70m outdoor training ground with seating for 100 spectators. This space is suitable for hosting large-scale equestrian jumping competitions at the provincial, municipal, and national levels, as well as national-level equestrian rider qualification exams and member activity salons. Additionally, there is a 20x60m indoor training ground equipped with air conditioning and heating, maintaining a temperature of 8-12°C during winter training. The indoor training ground includes a waiting and rest area and changing rooms for members to read, rest, and prepare before lessons.

Leon Equestrian Club currently owns 27 horses and provides services for 2 horses owned by members.

Facilities available:
Leon Equestrian Club Resort covers an area of 100,000 square meters and features a range of facilities within the estate. These include a 20x60m indoor fibre arena, a 70x70m outdoor training and competition arena, 40 horse stables, 20 temporary horse stalls, two large 50x35m grazing fields, spectator stands, judging stands, a member relaxation area, a self-operated equestrian equipment store, a large parking lot, a 120x80m outdoor lawn, a luxury villa hotel, a tennis court, a sports hall, accommodation hotels, restaurants, meeting rooms, rest areas, a meditation hall, a gym, a zoo, and various rare plants.