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Tia Lewis


  • BHS Stage 4 Senior Coach or equivalent

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Ashbourne De6, UK

About Me

Tia has retrained many ex-racehorses including her top horse Sonny straight from the racing stables to of competed at intermediate and 3* and coached many clients with RoR’s. She has extensive experience with all ages and types of horses from foals upward, having backed and produced many youngsters herself and coached riders producing youngsters.
Tia has a holistic approach to her coaching where she encourages riders to engage in the process and really understand everything rather than just being instructed. This is so they can take everything a way and practice with real understanding of why.
Tia develops systems to suit everyone’s individual needs and requirements, by being adaptable with how people learn and also understanding horses. This in it self develops confidence and performance.
All types of lessons available, dressage, show jumping, poles and xc.
Tia is a big believer in helping the next generation have careers in horses and is therefore available to give BHS training up to Stage 3 on a freelance basis and help contribute to the longevity of horses and the industry. (For BHS training you must have access to your own horse)