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Maddie Peal

I have been teaching for many years and love watching pupils develop and progress.  I am happy to teach novices up to small tour level and only require a willingness to learn. I have clients successfully competing at both affiliated and unaffiliated dressage as well as event riders hoping to gain extra marks in the dressage phase.


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Uckfield Tn22, UK

About me

I have been training riders for many years and enjoy watching them progress through the levels and grow in confidence. The UKCC L3 course enabled me to evaluate my training techniques and better assess rider/horse combinations, it highlighted the necessity for feedback between rider and trainer, a part of my teaching practise I continue to employ. I have a broad spectrum of experience with a variety of rider/horse combinations from native ponies to performance horses, I believe you can always make things better and improve horses way of going regardless of what the horse was bred to do. The Shire mare I teach has qualified for both the Medium and Elementary Area Festivals.
It is important to recognise that success can be measured in many ways and training is about developing skillsets, trust, acknowledging there may be limitations and managing expectations. I am happy to teach riders from grass roots up to small tour level and have clients successfully competing at both BD and BE, and campaigning Area Festivals /Regional Finals and National Championships.
I have successfully competed up to Inter 1 level, trained up to Grand Prix and campaigned numerous regional championships and competed at the Nationals.