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Katherine Walter


  • BHS Stage 4 Senior Coach or equivalent

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Bridge St, Loddon, Norwich NR14 6NA, UK

About Me

I am a BHS senior coach, UKCC, British Dressage List 5 judge, and a biomechanics coach. I also have a BA (Hons) degree in Performing Arts.

I have trained with Rossie Theobald (BHSI), John Lassetter (FABRS, BHSI, BITC), Mary Wanless (BHSI and founder of RWYM), Tamsin Conyers (BSJA coach), and currently Sue Barber - specialist coach in classical equitation and trainer/judge for the UK Working Equitation team.
I teach all ages and levels. (I am a mother of four children).

I work with individuals on their own horses and also hold sessions on a Racewood Simulator. I hold regular clinics at Weston Equestrian Centre where you can hire a horse if you don't have your own currently.

My aim as a coach is to give the rider the 'tool kit' to help them understand and gain control over their body, enabling them to ride in partnership with their horse and influence their horse rather than being a passenger. I aim to deepen the riders feel of engagement within themselves thus leading to a better understanding and feeling of engagement in their horse. " A centered and balanced rider with good awareness of her body and that of her horse can help her horse move with balance and freedom of motion".

You can also contact me via my Facebook page: Katherine Walter Equestrian