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Kate Coyle Armley


  • BHS Stage 3 Coach or equivalent

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Tillington, Petworth GU28 9AB, UK

About Me

I am a Professional Classically trained Multi Discipline Work Rider and Qualified Equestrian Coach (BHSAI Int SM) with over 30 years experience in the Horse Industry. I am based in a small village nr Petworth, West Sussex.

I am experienced and skilled and open minded, in a multi discipline way. I have ridden racehorses that are actively in training and race fit. I prep showjumpers who consistently compete and Win successfully at affiliated BSJA shows up to FH standard and enjoyed briefly preparing endurance horses. I continuously make various young horses from the groundwork then backing stage, schooling, to hacking, to first show on behalf of their owners. I love rehab work and working with problem horses helping to restore their trust and comfort.

When working on various yards to gain experience over the years, I was work rider to showjumpers, eventers, National hunt racehorses, showing horses, dressage horses from backing, to 4 year olds, to advanced horses of all breeds including stallion handling.

My current passion is Classical Dressage and also is protecting Ex Racehorses, by helping to educate owners of their specific needs and therefore appropriate training style and be on hand to help ensure this knowledge protects them. I LOVE Welsh Cobs and that is the direction my horse ownership is going to be focusing towards. However I LOVE working with all breeds, types of horse and pony and any age and ability of rider.

Horses are my Life, my world, I love what I do and have dedicated and devoted my life so far to serving them by caring for them to the highest standard, riding as well as I can by always doing my best and by teaching riders and horse owners that I help to do the same and I will do this hopefully on repeat for the next 7 decades, that’s all I want out of life. Most Noteworthy work riding position professionally was riding for Olympic Event Rider Tina Cook before it was unfortunately cut short due to injury.