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Becoming a volunteer

As a BHS Volunteer Officer you will become an active part of the team that helps the Charity make a difference to horses around the country. Our charitable objectives, found in our constitution (the governing document of any charity) define how we want to make the world a better place for all equestrians. They identify where we place our focus and help our volunteers prioritise their activities. 

Our volunteers are active all over the UK and Ireland from as far north as Shetland to as far south as the Channel Islands.


  • Work on projects to protect, promote and extend off-road access for equestrian riders and carriage drivers
  • Support horse owners during difficult times and help advise and support those who have just begun their equestrian journey
  • Inform and build awareness for equestrian safety, not only on the roads near you but on your yard, on your local multi-user route, on Bonfire night and with all sorts of other challenges our horses and ponies are facing.
  • Work in teams, often as part of a committee to raise awareness about the BHS, our work and our campaigns
  • Put on events for members and the general public and support the equestrian community in their area to grow and learn, improving the lives of horses and ponies near you. 

Volunteer Roles

You can become a Volunteer Officer to have the opportunity to make a lasting difference for horses and people in your area. 

If you enjoy helping at events and shows you can join British Riding Clubs Volunteer Club.  You will have an exciting opportunity to get involved in a range of roles at local and national championships, whether you have a desire to be a fence judge, show secretary or just fancy helping at events.

Or just find out more about what the BHS is doing in your area.

Get Involved

You can browse some of our current volunteer vacancies or fill in and send us your volunteer enquiry & registration form to the email address below.

If you've got any questions about volunteering, get in touch with us at or call 02476 840479*.

*Calls may be recorded for monitoring purposes

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