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Welfare Adviser | Volunteer Roles

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  • Knowledgeable about horse care and welfare with extensive practical experience (equivalent to BHS Stage 3 Care as minimum)
  • A great communicator, diplomatic, sympathetic, able to have difficult conversations and positively influence people
  • A passionate educator with the skills and knowledge to help local equestrians stay current with their horse care

Welfare Advisers help to prevent welfare cases through advice, support and education, building up relationships with their local equestrians so people feel comfortable asking for support when they need it.  Many welfare cases result from lack of knowledge or understanding rather than wilful cruelty. Diplomacy is paramount, nobody wants to hear they have let their horse down or worse, caused them pain.  As you can imagine Volunteer Welfare Advisers are very compassionate people, but this role can take an emotional toll. It is important that you know when to stop, when to remove yourself from a situation and when to take a breather.

Some Welfare Advisers choose to take additional training in our ‘Friends at the End’ scheme. These volunteers support local owners who need to make end of life decisions for their horses.

Download the Welfare Adviser volunteer role description.  

Download the Friends at the End (FATE) volunteer role description. 

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