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How your legacy gift will help

Horses built the world we know today. They ploughed our fields and erected our cities. They shaped our past and forged our future.

When war threatened our shores, horses stood by us with unwavering loyalty. They toiled, fought and fell on the beaches and the battlefields just as we did. They are our courageous, constant companions. For this, we owe them an eternal debt.

You can honour their sacrifice and help repay the debt we owe when you leave a gift in your Will. Our work would simply not be possible without the kind gifts supporters leave us.

By leaving a gift in your Will to The British Horse Society, you can not only pass on your love for horses to the next generation, but many generations to come.


Leaving a gift in your Will to The British Horse Society, however big or small, could make a transformative difference to the future of horses, riders and all who care for them – from keeping our countryside open and safe to ensuring that no horse is forgotten or neglected.

By leaving a gift in your Will, you will allow us to continue the work we do in…



It is heart-breaking to think of any horse suffering, especially when they give us so much. But sadly, this is the reality for many horses across the UK. 

We support owners and work tirelessly to prevent the neglect and abuse of horses. From worming, foot care and dental checks, to passporting, castration and micro-chipping, our mobile clinics protect the welfare of those horses who may not have regular access to healthcare.




For many of us, the first time we sat on a horse was the moment our lives changed forever. We will make sure future generations will continue to learn to ride and understand how to care for horses. 

Through our world-class education programmes, we help create a future where everyone, regardless of age or ability, can learn to develop a strong bond with a healthy, happy horse. 



We have all needed to ride or carriage-drive on the road at some point, whether to reach an off-road route or connect one bridleway to another. Every horse and rider deserves to feel safe riding on our busy highways.  

We will continue our campaign to make drivers aware of what to do when they encounter horses and ensure equestrians ride respectfully and responsibly.




We strongly believe that every rider and every horse should be able to explore our countryside, just as they have done for generations. 

Through our work to protect and preserve the equestrian off road network, we are committed to saving thousands of riding routes that are at risk of closure and maintaining existing routes – and keep our countryside open. 



Free Wills service

As an exclusive service for our supporters, JonesWhyte incorporating McClure Solicitors Est. 1853 will offer a free Will-writing service. All we ask is you consider making a donation to The British Horse Society.

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If you feel inspired by the idea of leaving a gift in your Will for a better future for horses and all those who care for them, please talk with us. We can answer any questions you may have about our work, and how your support will help.

Please call us on 02476 840458* or complete our enquiry form by clicking the link below.

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