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Leave a Legacy

Be remembered for your lifetime’s passion...

LegacyThe legacy income The British Horse Society is lucky enough to receive is vital to help us achieve our charitable aims and drive forward our front line work.

Legacy income means we can increase our work across all our departments, helping more horses, allowing us to campaign more and inspiring the next generations of equestrians in how to look after and appreciate these wonderful creatures.

By leaving a legacy to The British Horse Society you will be actively helping:

Care for horses at risk

Our network of over 200 Welfare Volunteers dealing with a whole host of welfare concerns, from saving abandoned horses and ponies to giving education and advice on good general horse care.  Without these hard working and dedicated volunteers many more horses would suffer.

Inspire and educate the next generation

Our education system and qualifications are the best in the world and we are constantly looking at ways to offer them to as many as possible.  The equestrian industry desperately needs the qualified inspirational leaders it deserves and we are working hard to train them.

Make the world safer

We are the only organisation with an equestrian safety department and it’s an extremely busy one!  We campaign on issues from puppy socialising to low flying aircraft and a whole host of traffic related issues.  Plus, we have a deep understanding of safety equipment for both horses and riders.  Our work on safety is endless but it does save lives.

Create and protect access

Our dedicated team of Access Volunteers work across the whole of the UK, campaigning for the rights of riders, opening up bridle routes and constantly safe guarding current routes for the enjoyment of millions of riders.

Some of our achievements already include:

  • We are the largest UK equestrian charity and we have a very strong voice with the government. When we campaign, they listen.
  • We respond to over 8,000 emergency welfare calls every year. Whether it's saving the lives of horses or helping them lead happier lives - we are here for them.
  • Our exams and training programmes are internationally-recognised and respected worldwide.
  • We are multiple winners of the Prince Michael International Road Safety Award over the last few years.
  • Every year, we add nearly 1,000km of new routes to the National Equestrian Route Network and react to over 3,500 threats to equestrian access
  • By educating the equestrian community we work to ensure that our horses lead the best lives possible, providing enjoyment for generations to come.

From all of us, and on behalf of horses and riders in the UK - thank you for your support.

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