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Second Chance Appeal - Rehoming Project

Donate to help neglected horses

Our Second Chance rehoming project aims to deliver a brighter future for horses who have suffered an unhappy past.


Right now, hundreds of horses are being rescued from a life of mistreatment, cruelty, and neglect.

Our Second Chance project rehomes neglected, mistreated and rescued horses, giving them a second chance to discover a better life at one of our BHS Approved Centres.

Our centres are home to BHS-qualified professionals who are equipped with the understanding, patience, skills, and knowledge needed to assist and rehabilitate those horses in desperate need.

Without our help and our brilliant riding schools, these horses face an uncertain future.

Donate today to help give neglected horses a second chance

You can help us deliver a brighter future for those horses who have suffered an unhappy past. So, we can let them rest, recover and rediscover a better life as a ridden horse, just like Slinky.

Slinky before rehoming slinky after rehoming

Slinky before

Slinky after

About the Second Chance Appeal

In 2019 we joined forces with the RSPCA to extend a nationwide rehoming project to give neglected ponies and horses a “Second Chance” at life. We’ve successfully rehomed 92 horses since the programme began, but with numbers at an all-time high, we need your help.

When the project was first launched the horses and ponies were rehomed into BHS Approved Centres running our Changing Lives through Horses scheme, which supports vulnerable and disadvantaged young people and gives them the opportunity to develop life skills through working with horses. Due to the success of the partnership, the Second Chance project has now been rolled out to all BHS Approved Riding Centres across the country. In the latest round of the project in July 2021, an incredible 221 centres registered their interest in rehoming.

Sarah Dale, Head of Business Support at The British Horse Society said: “The BHS are very happy to be collaborating with the RSPCA again on this next round of the Second Chance project. We are thrilled to have had such a great initial response from our Approved Centres with so many people wanting to get involved and take on ponies and horses in need. It’s a fantastic opportunity for the horses to not only recover in a safe place, but to also bring joy and numerous benefits to everyone involved at the centre.”

Slinky’s Story

Slinky was rescued from appalling conditions. Years of manure had built up in his stable to above door height. To rescue him and other horses like him, the fire brigade had to be called to dig them out. After almost a day of digging, Slinky was safely freed, but left petrified, physically weak and mentally scarred. 

Slinky found his new home at Parbold Equestrian Centre in West Lancashire. After arriving at Parbold, he was too nervous to leave his stable, even after a few days. But, after two years of physical and mental rehabilitation from the expert care, patience and understanding of Yard Manager Carrie Byrom, Slinky was able to turn a huge corner. He now lives a fantastic new life as a beautiful, young horse.


With time and patience Slinky is doing really well. He is physically and mentally so much stronger. He gets ridden regularly and is working towards his first dressage competition. He loves to jump and is proving to be very scopey and keen.

He is so much happier and more settled. He takes careful management as his past has undoubtedly left mental and physical scars, but he is a happy and calm horse now looking towards a much brighter future. Your donations continue to make these transformations possible. With more Slinky’s to find a brighter future for, we urgently need your help.

Rescuing a horse from mistreatment and neglect costs up to £250 to cover costs for transport, vaccinations, and admin fees to accommodate them at our riding schools.

Carrie at Parbold Equestrian – June 2021

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