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Challenge Rides - Patagonia 2023

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Patagonia 2023

If there should be one place on your bucket list, it should be Patagonia. Located in South America, Patagonia is truly Mother Nature’s Masterpiece. Giant jagged mountains fill the landscape with their reflections bouncing back on crisp blue lakes below, a spectacle for every adventurer. Almost 500 species of animals inhabit Patagonia’s landscape including the Guanaco, a species of Llama that is local to this region.


The Andes Crossing, Patagonia, Chile: November 2023 dates tba, 12 days; 11 night; 6 days riding

Our Patagonia Challenge Ride explores the magnificent Patagonian Lake District of Chile; following old smuggler’s routes that criss-cross rivers, skirt around lakes and lead through temperate forests. Immerse yourself in the breath-taking scenery like you’ve never seen before. We ride way beyond any roads and although the pace is steady, the wilderness experience is second to none: this is Patagonia as few people (apart from the Baquianos) ever experience. This Challenge Ride is the experience of a lifetime.


Patagonia Difficulty 3/5



Horse rider in Patagonia 


About the Horses:

The Darwin Mountains around Cape Horn harbour in Patagonia has one of the largest herds of wild horses in the world. There is believed to be around 5000 horses and are protected by a non-profit organisation set up in 2014. The horses are of the Chilean Creole breed and are very gentle, strong and well schooled. They have a sure foot, are in good health and well trained for the Andean terrain. Over the years other bloodlines have been introduced including the Trakehner and the Eastern Bulgarian. The combination produces a well-schooled, forward-going horse that is comparable with an Irish Sports or Anglo-Arab.



Staying at local farms and a private island.


Staying On:

If riders would like to spend more time in Patagonia then feel free to contact us as our rides are fully flexible. We can arrange extra accommodation, private guides and tours to suit your every need.


Price + Local Currency:

Sign-up fee of £300 to be paid at the time of booking to secure your place.
Ground cost for the ride, excluding flights, is £4,515 and is payable to The BHS eight weeks before departure.
A charitable donation of £700 is also required.

The local currency is the Chilean Peso CH$ and the Argentine Peso AR$



What makes our Challenge Rides so great is that your minimum donation of £700 will go to The BHS campaign of your choice.


Flights & Dates:

Flights can be booked with Venture Co. (suggested group flight information provided) Please contact them directly:
01837 55907

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