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Challenge Rides - Oman 2020

Oman Challenge Ride 2020

Oman 2020

With its rich heritage, there is a lot more than meets the eye in Oman. Situated on the Arabian Peninsula and next to Dubai, Oman is bursting with mesmerising landscapes and cultures. From vast deserts and mountainous landscapes to pristine shorelines and beaches, it is a country of many treasures. Oman offers an authentic, adventurous experience for everyone.

Wihibah Desert Trail, Oman: 9th- 17th October 2020 9 days; 8 night; 4 ½ days riding

Ride outstanding Arab horses across the people-less Wihibah Desert to the Arabian Sea. Explore a hidden away wadi that contains a waterfall and discover why British Explorer Tim Severin chose Muscat as the place to begin his search for the truth behind the legend of Sinbad the Sailor.


Oman Difficulty 5/5

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Oman Challenge Ride 2020

About the Horses:

The Arabian horse is a breed famous for beauty and stamina. It is one of the oldest horse breeds in the world. Arabian horses are bred with horses of other breeds to add speed, beauty, endurance, and strong bones. Today, Arabian ancestors are found in almost every breed of riding horse. Historically, horses have always been considered as one of the most precious gifts exchanged between kings and sovereigns. Following this tradition, the Omani Sultans all along the history of the country have sent many Arabian horses as gifts to the kings and presidents of many countries in the world.


A variety of camping in the desert and hotel locations.

Staying On:

If riders would like to spend more time in Oman then feel free to contact us as our rides are fully flexible.
We can arrange extra accommodation, private guides and tours to suit your every need.

Price + Local Currency:

Ground cost for the ride is £3,125 and is payable to the tour company eight weeks before departure.
 There is also a sign up fee of £300 to be paid at the time of booking.
A charitable donation of £700 is also required. The local currency is Omani Rial ﷼.


What makes our Challenge Rides so great is that part of the cost involves raising money for The British Horse Society.
£700 goes towards an area of your choice.

Flights & Dates:

Flights for 2020 are currently beyond the airlines’ data range. Visas (if required) and travel insurance are not included.


Oman Challenge Ride 2020

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